Friday, March 10, 2017

We Got Married

WGM Audition


NAME, AGE Eric Lee 28
Stage Name (If Applicable): Joon Young
Entertainment Agency/Company: StarBright
Birthday: August 15th
Hometown/Country of Origin: JeJu Island but lived five years in L.A.
Face Claim: Yoo Yeon Soak

Occupation: model, extra, and one supporting role in a comedy.
Marital Status: (Outside the show) single

Personality:Feels he needs to give back to the island since his mom was a diver. He's a clean freak and everyone seemed to know he was g a y before he did. Scholarly, loves to give back to nature, but he loves the clubs and fast cars ever so often. He is a girl's best friend.
His grandmother calls him Son or Sonny.
He really isn't into fast food. He would rather make his own traditional dishes at home.
He can be a grouch if he doesn't get enough sleep. Sometimes, he argues for the fun of it. He likes making up.
A scout saw him on his skateboard in his home town. At first, his mother thought it was a scam, but once he started modeling and it was enough to support a good education, his career took off. He still feels the need to study and feels awkward around entertainers since he didn't study music nor dance.
He would love to have a cat, but he's allergic.

Social Media: Twitter: Sonny_dee_light

NAME, AGE Ji Jang Lee,24
Stage Name (If Applicable): Jamie Jang
Entertainment Agency/Company ShineOn
Birthday: March, 15
Hometown/Country of Origin:Born in Paris, France..but now lives in Seoul.
Face Claim: Jin Young

Occupation: Actor
Marital Status: Single

Personality: He is quite sincere, but most don't believe it. He can be so quiet, but he adores what fame can give him. He says its rather intoxicating.
His nickname is Jango.
His mother is his biggest fan.
He speaks French when he's mad or if he doesn't want anyone to know what he's talking about.
He enjoys the urban life. He has helped build gardens on tops of buildings as well as in neighborhoods.
He loved to sing and dance at an early age. His mom got him in a French commercial for ice cream when he was four. He was always well behaved and memorized his lines quite well. Later they returned to Seoul before he started middle school. He tried out for a Junior Idol but didn't quite make the cut. He put in a lot of hours in dance and voice and placed in the top five, the following year. He also did a lot of work as an extra. Finally, he got a scene to be the boy who bullied the girl at school. Fans called in to the teen show and he landed a bad boy role. Recently, he got a supporting role in a period piece.
He loves fast food!
Social Media Twitter::Jango_OH

WGM - Please Join!


⠀⠀⠀The famous South Korean concept of pairing celebrities to show what it would be like if they dealt with a married life is now expanding to Brazil. For the first time in the show’s history, couples from all over the globe will compete in different missions and candid interviews. Hearts will flutter, emotions will be all over the place, but ultimately one couple will be crowned as the winners of the first international edition of We Got Married.

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