Saturday, March 11, 2017

WGM - Likes and Dislikes

WGM Likes & Dislikes

On their first outing (to see if they even had any chemistry for the show) they went to a museum of modern art. There, they discussed their past relationships and Likes and Dislikes.

Eric: I really don't have time to date. I guess I dated more in high school, than now. I did have a girlfriend. (Eric says he will talk about her more in an upcoming segment.)

Ji: I never really dated (he winces). I met this guy once, Cory..and we hit it off. I knew I wanted to see him, right away. He was a lot different from me. Long hair, retro clothes (He smiles). It really could have been something..if I'd had the time.

Eric: Um, there was W.(He nods as if he remembers) I doubt he knew how I felt about him. He really loves the outdoors. I went on a few day trips with him. I felt we were best friends. Actually, I wanted to be more like him. Tall. Smiling. Free. (he cracks up) Then I found out he wasn't gay. That was when I felt I had no business getting involved with anyone. (he scratches the back of his head) I've just kept busy.

Eric's Likes:

Well, my ideal date would be, to spend the day together (he smiles) Sort of like now. But I think it would be good to go on a bus somewhere. Eat local food. See the country side. I really like walking and talking, being out..together. I like visiting old places, finding the history of where we came from.

Eric's Dislikes:

I'm not fond of people asking me too many questions. I like to remain a mystery (he smiles) I'm really not a carb person, but I would never be vegan. I want to live off the land, but I really hate getting my hands dirty. When it comes to a relationship, I really feel it should be 50/50. Yet, I think of myself as a giver, a listener, but I really would not like it..if he decided to wear my socks or my undies..even if they were clean. Getting into my things in a real NO NO. I hate an unmade bed, too. My mom says I'm the Queen of Clean. (he cracks up) I just don't know if I could live with anyone. I haven't been home in years.

Ji's Likes:

I'm the kind of guy..who knows I LIKE IT when I see it. I can't tell you what that is. (He's even lipped) I'm not a girl, about anything..even if I like pink, very much. I'm a pastel freak. I'm not sure that really means anything. (he shrugs) I like the beach. I like hanging out with friends, but I could spend the day with my granny too. I like to sleep. I like to just go with the day. See where it takes me. I love surprises. I'm not all that hard to please. I mean, I really find the good in people. I try. I..I ..just wish I had more time. I would definitely goof off more.

Ji's Dislikes:

I don't like seaweed. Don't try to make me eat anything traditional. I'm a LIFE cereal kind of guy..Day and Night. I just don't get the ramen thing, at all. I don't even like pasta. Give me fries and a BIG MAC (he laughs) But I never have fast food. I wish I could. I'm really sick of protein bars and protein shakes (he smirks) gotta survive on something. Lets see..what else can I tell you I hate. hmmm...I WOULD NEVER EVER eat liver and onions. There is a lot of French food I wouldn't eat, either. Oh, big animals like bulls and horses really scare me. I'm just not used to that kind s h i t (he laughs) I would never ever make it out in the country. (His smile is infectious.)

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I think I adore them both - though I really love Eric's date idea!