Friday, April 7, 2017

WGM - Eric

WGM Eric's moodboard

First Impressions after spending the day with Ji.

Well, (He almost rolls his eyes thinking about it) It was quite a long day. I gotta say, I was so nervous. Basically, I'm a shy guy. I dunno. (He shrugs) I was nervous until we started arguing. Arguing about me wanting to look at this old book that finally came to me in the mail. I'd just gotten it, and I wanted to look it over, see if it was what I needed for this paper I'm working on..and he mocks me for being a nerd, something like that. (He sighs as if he is too different, totally different from Ji) I mean, I don't even think Ji finished high school. How horrible is that? I asked him about high school. He said his schedule was too busy. (Eric shakes his head, as if he's worried about him). I know we are so different, but we both grew up without a Dad..we at least have that in common. (He nurses his bottom lip) Maybe..maybe its just envy. I don't know. (He winces hard) His career is really taking off. I'm doing good if I can get into a fall shoot with the guy I did that comedy with. (He scratches the back of his head). He probably doesn't like anything about me.