Friday, April 14, 2017

WGM - Ji

WGM Ji's moodboard

First Impressions after spending the day with Eric.

(Ji soon cracks up when he's asked about his first impression of his would be husband)
Seriously? (He winces with a soft laugh) I have to answer that? (He clears his throat and takes a deep sigh) Um, actually, Eric makes me think of Ferris Bueller's best friend. (he grins) You know, how the movie went, you kind of felt sorry for him, after awhile. (He looks away to compose himself before he burst out laughing..but he laughs anyway) Oh God, I'm really trying to be serious..seriously. I mean, I take the whole concept of this show very serious, honestly I do. (He puts both hands on his knees, smooths out his tan slacks) The truth is..I don't want to feel sorry for him. I really don't. I don't even know why I would feel sorry for him. (He grits then) Um, there is this..certain nostalgia about him, I guess. He's older. He's been to America. He studies like a fool. What's he gonna do, some day? Retire from this and become a professor? (He looks down, slightly nurses his bottom lip) Its just..when (He winces hard, as if this whole ordeal is giving him a headache. He puts his hand behind his neck, and thinks) When he looks at me..its like he really sees me. I have nothing to hide..and..and that sort of scares me. Its like he's looking into my soul.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Such beautiful words - as per usual.