Friday, May 5, 2017

WGM - Eric

WGM - Eric

Is it possible to ask about your coming out?

(Eric looks puzzled) Right now? I guess. (He shrugs as he sits with his legs crossed in very neat khakis and beach like button down shirt over a white Tee)

Sure, right now would be good... I mean, right now I'm coming out..officially (His eyes look straight in the camera and he's even lipped) Sure, my high school girlfriend was the first to pick up on the fact that I'm gay. And I've had a few conversations with my mom, back then and before I went into the Army. She's always been supportive.

You were in the South Korean Army? (the interviewer reminds Eric that he's left out this fact)

Oh, well, it was short. I was right out of high school, and my manager at the time thought I should get it over with, since nothing much was going on at the time..and  I did office work, for the most part. (Eric shrugs, but gets back to the original question)

I've pretty much avoided the question. (He smiles) I mean, there is more to me than..just being gay. I want to be like anyone else..fall in love..have a a life with good memories. I thought I could have that with my high school girlfriend, but I guess we weren't each other's type in the end. I'm still glad we can be friends. (he crosses his arms then, smiles for the camera.)

I have no idea if this show will help me or not. I know my director is really upset about it. (Eric's even lipped now) He's rather old fashion and he'd rather I didn't speak of it, but I don't want others to feel afraid..who might be in the same boat. So, I need courage, like anybody else..and to say, It's OK to be me.