Saturday, May 6, 2017

She woke up

on the road

There was only so much you could take on an ordinary day. Rose was going to school, of course. But deep inside that mind of hers, destination was unknown. She knew she had to get away. At least, for a little while. Until,,she figured it all out.

See, something.. peculiar happened. There was an extra appendage between her legs. At first, she thought it was a rope, but it wasn't. It tricked her. It was alive.  

There was a twinge where her budding breast once were. Not much else changed. She could hide it..if she wanted too.

A part of her wanted to bring her sewing case she got board, but it was too big and bulky.  She would have to use her imagination, instead..and the box of cereal left in the cupboard that no one ever wanted to eat.

Yes, she needed to be ready for anything. That meant jeans and shorts. Trusty boots. Should she cut her hair in the woods?

Now where to go? She guessed she would know when she got there.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

This is definitely intriguing.