Sunday, May 7, 2017

Between You & Me

Between You & Me

" you don't think you should be here on a Sunday? Is that it?" He was testy from the get go. He looked at me as if I was an observer of some kind, watching him work.

I shook my head, no. I had been here since last night. It had been a long one at the computer. Perhaps, I was just dreaming now, but he turned on the vacuum. It made my head ache.

I guess he noticed because he went to make coffee in the break-room.

"You know, its not gonna get any better." He brought me coffee, but then he might have made it for himself..since he took a sip.

"What?" I looked at him sleepily.

"Its economics.. you know, cut an hour here, then someone's job. Before you know it, someone else will take over, with new people." He shrugged and then smirked.

"Thanks a lot, Kill Joy." I sighed, ready to get out of here, but no.

"They always say, find a job.. you love..well, those are far and few in-between." He shook his head, no as he was back to sucking the dirt out of those cracks with the vacuum.

I nodded sleepily then asked. "What kind of jobs have you had?"

"All kinds." He assured me. "Fast food, retail, even telemarketing."

Maybe he was a bit sour about all these experiences. Maybe not.

"I used to work at a radio station." He sounded as if that was the career that got away.

"Why'd you quit?" I shut down the computer.

He shrugged. "Nobody listens to the radio, anymore."

"Well, you should have gone into TV." I guess I didn't really know the whole story.

"Who seriously watches TV, these days?" He gave me the serious eye.

I nodded, but video streaming had to count for something.

We were back to the fact, we were both more alone now. Was it suppose to be that way? Even at work?

I drank up the coffee and washed the cup, to put away.

He'd gotten the trash dumped.

"Come on, lets go have breakfast." I then said.

Maybe, we could talk about nice things and the places we could go..some day.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Video streaming does seem to be the way of the future!