Saturday, May 13, 2017

WGM - Eric's ex

WGM - Eric's ex interview

Finally, we track down Yeong Rin, but everyone calls her Rinnie and she talked to us about Eric's past, when he was in high school.

Interviewer: How long have you known Eric?

Rinnie: Oh, probably middle school. We were in many classes together. He really hasn't changed much. Of course, he wore glasses then. I think he still wears them, when he studies (She smiles) He was the nicest boy. hard working, he loved his teachers.

Interviewer : How did you two get together?

Rinnie: (She smiles and laughs softly) Um, I sent him a note at lunch one day, saying I needed his help on some school was the start of everything. If I had something to go too, he would go with me. We spent lots of Saturdays, thrifting. He's a great shopper and fashionista. He does know how to work with a budget. Still, he was there for homework. Honestly, he was the best high school friend. And, I'm glad we are still good friends.

Interviewer: What ended the relationship?

Rinnie: Like I said, we were best friends, but it was the little things, I guess I noticed. The way he'd talk about other guys. (She winces with a smile) He'd talk about their hair, their smile. I had a feeling he was looking at something else. (Rinnie chuckles) I was really hoping, you know..he would be my first, one and only, but I kept thinking too..well, he respects me, so much. Still, I dunno, when a guy doesn't kiss you, after months of going out together...I really wondered what was bothering him. (She shrugs) I made him cry. He was so upset because, I really think he did like me, just not in the way to want to kiss me or you know... be in love. Then after graduation, he went into the Army. He seemed so depressed, to me, like he would be unable to ever be happy, again. And his smile was so sweet. He's just so kind. I want him to be happy.

Interviewer: What are your feelings about him being on WE GOT MARRIED and ending up with Ji?

Rinnie: Oh, I dunno. Eric seems more with inter-beauty and Ji, um, I've seen him on TV in a few shows. He usually, gets those poor little rich boy roles. He and Eric are nothing alike. I just don't want Ji to hurt Eric's feelings. It will make me so sad if he treats Eric badly, because if anyone deserves a great guy..its Eric. (She shakes her head) I don't think that guy is Ji.

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