Friday, May 12, 2017

WGM - Ji


(Ji really doesn't want to go solo on talking about coming Daisy sits with him to talk about the Gay Issue)

JI: God, I hope we aren't offending anyone right now. Its just (He tries to keep from cracking up with a big laugh) I dunno exactly..what to talk about..since, you know, in this industry. (he sighs) So I dunno..kind of my first time to actually talk about it. I haven't really thought..what to say. (He gives the camera a big smile, but it doesn't last long)

DAISY: You have NO IDEA how much I flirted with this babe, here. (She chuckles, even attempts a playful choke, but he looks at her as if she's the weird one) I just didn't get..why he didn't get a clue. You know, we could have had something happening, ages ago..but then when this European dude was here, to help with some of the steps..I knew, Jamie's got it bad for boys who's got the groove.

(Ji only chuckles and shakes his head, as if she's got it all wrong)

You know, I'm right. (Daisy gives him a playful shove, who is sitting next to her)

And then there is Cory. (Daisy purses her lips that she knows all about Ji & Cory) His first love. (Her lashes flutter as she smirks about it) It was like he was this SEX GOD at a party..we went too. I mean, I even flirted with Cory. (She shrugs) Nothing happened...but when those two started chatting..they were so into each other. Seriously (she flashes a smile) but as they say, they kept it on the low-low.

JI: (wincing) Nothing happened. (He shakes his head, no) It wasn't like that, at all. (He makes a face that she got it all wrong) We were only talking about music.

DAISY: They were sooooo close, I thought any minute, they'd be in a lip lock. (She giggles)

JI: I really wish I hadn't invited you to this interview.(His arms are crossed and looks a bit peeved)

DAISY: He still thinks he doesn't have a chance with him, but I can see the future. They'll wait for each other. (She nods, as if that's a fact and then shrugs)

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I love the banter between Daisy and Ji!