Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sasha & Coco

meeting up in Hong Kong

Sasha lives on the outskirts of London, and she likes to think she goes there a lot, only she doesn't. The older she gets, the more she likes staying to herself and not going with friends to the pub nor the clubs. She likes to think she's an artist, but as of yet, has not had her own show and works as a secretary at her father's law office. Yes, it might be true, Sasha has led a sheltered life.
She also knows Coco from Polyvore.
Her real name isn't Coco and she would hate for Sasha to even try to botch it..and she loves the name Coco. Possibly, she hasn't worked as hard as some college girls in Seoul. Still, she has classes and works at a boutique in the city. She also helps out at a coffee shop on the weekend and still does nails at her mum's beauty shop around the holidays (or when her mum needs help.)
Of course, Coco can't remember the last time she spent time with a real friend. And she can't say she has made a lot of friends on Polyvore..but she's really enjoyed corresponding with Sasha.
They were going to correspond by snail-mail, but it was more expensive than they imagined. Why in the world would they meet up in Hong Kong?
"Because, my dad has these free miles from all his business trips." Sasha says her dad feels Hong Kong would be the safest place to be, these days.
"I'm pretty sure its just as bad as anywhere else." Coco says crime can happen anywhere.
"But we're still going." Sasha smiles. She likes the idea of meeting her best friend.
Coco is in shock that she's Sasha's best friend and she can't hardly wait to meet her.

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The two of them have such fun personalities!