Monday, June 12, 2017

This slow life I'm waiting for

This slow life I'm waiting for you

It was like a dream, but it wasn't from the movies.

Oh, we argued a lot. I didn't think I did anything right. My spelling was off and you practically told me I was stupid and should never ever write again.

Why was I wasting my time?

Then you called..several months later while you were off at the Uni, wondering if I'd been writing again.

"So what if I have?" I was blunt, thinking you would say it all over again...since I thought I was writing about you.

"I want to read it." You snapped right back as if you were my personal editor and creative writing professor.

"I dunno if I want you, too." Maybe it was best to keep some things to myself.

"Just send it to me, will you." I thought for sure we would argue, but then you said you missed me.

I thought then, how it might be when we would see each other again. Yes, something... maybe like in a movie.

I could write about it. Although, I might keep that one for myself.