Monday, July 24, 2017

The night of the brownout!

The night of the Brownout!

Sushi got the idea from an old K-drama. Of course, Caleb couldn't say for sure if her real name was Sushi, but it sounded that way to him, and he did have the Vodka. It might not have been Maxim coffee, but still it was quite an experiment in his kitchen..until the power went out.

First they bumped into each other. That's when he noticed Sushi got intoxicated so easily.

It wasn't until they got outdoors on the street that Caleb noticed she was only in her undies, even if her overalls covered her.

He almost had a panic attack. Would somebody try to have a chance with the girl across the hall aka Sushi?

He took her hand.

"Maybe..maybe I should visit your Mom, like you said." He'd put it off until now. Now, he wanted to be her hero, the boyfriend she could count on.

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