Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sasha & Coco


Ah...what kind of names are Bimmy and Trick? Huh? What kind of life does my dear sweet Coco have going on in the dark alleys of Seoul?

She has such a sweet mum. And honestly, I have no idea how they get by. I dunno what to expect, actually.

And to think Coco wants to travel with me...have I lost the plot?

Lets say it was total relief to find out Bim and Trickster weren't in a threesome with her.

"They like each other." Coco clarified a few days ago.

"Oh." Was she telling me..what I think she was telling me. "I didn't blokes like that existed here."

She laughed at me.

Yeah, I know..I've got a lot to learn. But its not like she's taken me to the red light district...or whatever.

So yeah, I'm on the mend. The trip is still on. That is if Bim can stop calling, texting, showing up as if he's a stalker.

Why can't they leave us alone?


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Great stuff!