Friday, July 21, 2017

The time we decided not to date

The time we decided not to date

I knew from the get go..we weren't on the same page.

1. You're like five years younger than me. 5 YEARS! That should have been a red light. But NO..oh you said age is just a number and a whole bunch of other love s h i t crap..that I know you don't even believe (after spending time with you.)

2. Where could I see this going? Huh? Seriously? OK, so maybe we like staying in and playing our video game. I know, I should do it, but hey THE SIMS is still a stress release. And yeah, we could have had a good time..if we actually ever went out.

3. YOU HAVE NO MONEY. Evidently, you need some if you gonna treat a girl right. Hey, you were bleeding me dry. I didn't hire a gigolo.

Hey, its not like we're not seeing each other. After did move in.

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