Saturday, July 15, 2017

The time I used your laptop

The time I used your laptop

First off, I was shocked that it was pink. I mean, someone like you..who never ever says a word to anyone..who looks like she hates the world and everyone in it..a pink way.

But, I was in dire straights. It was hard to explain..what had happened, but I somehow got hacked by my ex and thank god, I had that paper on Google and I know I should have gone to the library, but I have overdue books.

Anyway, you just handed it over.

I didn't know you were that nice.

So, yeah, I got the paper done in time and got to use a real keyboard instead of my phone. I'm beginning to think I'm old school.

Yet, you might be more old school than I am..cause really, I can see you need a friend. I never see you texting. You watch TV alone in the lobby of the dorm.

And this was my chance to get to know you.

I owe you...

but you don't want to go out with me. And a lot of my friends..say that's no way to start a relationship. But, I won't stop trying. Guess, I'll have to bring you pizza.

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