Friday, December 22, 2017

Nico & Violet

nico & violet

Nico's place was quite the disaster area. Thanks, to Violet. It was mandatory for them to get her room together, because if they didn't then Violet would have to move in with her brother. Which, Nico also knew, neither wanted to happen.

But, that meant going through Nico's stuff, and naturally, Violet had to find pictures of him and Ellie when they were younger.

"Can you stop looking at those?" Nico fretted. She didn't look to be in any hurry to find the small bed under all the crap she dragged out from the closet. He slightly shivered thinking he didn't need any ghost from the past. As it was, Ellie had left. She went back to New York with her so called internet husband, Milo.  And she didn't even say goodbye.

He wanted to hate Ellie so much. No way, was he up for Christmas and the new year.

"Why don't you stay closed for the holidays?" Yugi suggested earlier when Nico called him with the Ellie news. "It could be a staycation. God knows, you need one."

"I dunno." He found himself saying when he meant, he couldn't. He wouldn't. He had to keep the noodle shop going, even on the holidays.

"You're an idiot." Yugi told him. Naturally, that didn't help Nico's mood. "Take some time off and you and Violet.. spend some quality time together."

"What's that suppose to mean." Nico winced. What did his friend think was going on?

"You know, go shopping. Have a real Christmas. After all, you two are roommates now." Yugi's words only made Nico feel more numb. The world was changing. And he hated change.

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