Monday, January 1, 2018

5 things about Sia

1.She’s from the heartland of USA. Actually Sioux City, Iowa.
2.Her grandmother was born in Korea but was adopted in America.
3.She majored in linguistic and after studying in many other countries on scholarship..she is now in Tokyo where she works editing news clips and archiving at a video library.
4.She met Sergio at the University who was helping her learn Japanese. They were friends long before they started dating and then moved in together.
5.They both are thinking about moving to the states to go to film school.

Sia - Adventure of a Lifetime

Most think I'm older than Sergio. Yes, I've been accused of living with a 15 year old. Actually, Sergio is a year older than me. I'm 25 and he just had a birthday a few weeks ago. Its and issue we just accept it. Unfortunately, I have had guys flirt with me while they treat Sergio like my kid brother. He only smiles and puts his arm around me..because he knows who I'm leaving with..him.

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