Friday, January 19, 2018

Nico & Violet

nico & violet

Violet had to remember it was Ellie who called Nico, not the other way around. And it was about Minho.

As much as Ellie did want to move on with her life with Milo, Violet could see there were loose ends, when it came to Minho.

"What am I suppose to do about it?" She gave Nico the evil eye when he talked about Minho's predicament. No way was she going out with Ellie's ex.

"Maybe..maybe Kenzo..could..could be friends with him." Nico shrugged. Minho and Kenzo were close to the same age. He said he'd invite them both for a free meal.

"You, are so generous." She smirked.

"I know." Nico was indifferent, as usual. Nothing was going to shake up his world.

Violet winced, wondering if she should ask Nico.. if they were going out or not. It felt like it, the night of the fireworks. He'd been so close. Maybe they'd kissed..and.

She shook her head, hard. Oh, she would have remembered that.

"What?" He squinted as if she might really be going insane.

"Nothing." She pressed her lips tight as she went back to setting the dining tables for the night's rush. But the truth was Nico would always be a mystery to her.

A part of her felt they were a step closer to being a couple, yet this might be as close as they'd ever get.

" I don't have to do anything?" She watched him prep veg for the nightly menu when they opened the noodle shop at six.

He shook his head, no. He told her he'd take care of it. She watched him text Kenzo an invite. He then pressed the same message to Minho.

He heard from both of them, instantly. Nico practically smiled.

"It was easier than I thought." He looked to Violet as if it were her turn now to serve up some good waitress-ing skills when they got here.

Violet went to check on the utensils, making sure there were plenty of wide soup spoons. Seriously, she couldn't think of  Kenzo ever having a close friend.

"Do you know, Minho?" Violet looked back at Nico who was chopping up carrots.

"Um, not really. He..he came here before." Nico told her she'd served him.

"Oh." Violet nursed her bottom lip. She served a lot of people, but no one came to mind. She supposed she'd find out who Minho was when he got here.

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