Monday, January 22, 2018

5 things about Sergio

Sergio - AOL

Five things about Sergio

1.Sia is his first American girlfriend, but most think she’s from some other country.
2.He rarely visits home anymore since his parents have moved to the country to retire.
3.He really would love to have a dog, but their place doesn’t allow pets and he’s pretty sure Sia wouldn’t want to put up with a dog.
4.He loves pizza. Most holidays he opts for pizza instead of any traditional food.
5.He loves all sorts of sports while Sia only likes running.

I like to think of myself at the quiet type. I'm not really confrontational..while Sia..oh..she might blow up about..anything.

Yeah, she has a bit of a temper, but its not bad. She's so nice at work, but she can come home and take it out on me. And she knows this, so she really tries not to be that way.

Still, I got to know her when the Japanese lessons..and it was rather the beginning. Still, I manage to get through these little issues. Cause, after all, I love her and I wouldn't want to be with anyone else.

I'm happy I got to come to the states with her. And to see where she's from and to meet her relatives.

Its really been a lot for my own parents to process. We only visit ever great once in while. I know they want to be accepting, but sometimes, I can see she gets on their nerves. 

No way, is Sia the traditional kind of Japanese girl they were expecting me to bring home. But..I wouldn't want her any other way...

Oh..BTW..its me who who nicknamed her Sia.

p.s..She calls me Sugar from time to time...

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