Sunday, January 7, 2018

Sasha & Coco


Um..sometimes, I must be the worst human on the earth. I'm so miserable, thinking about the things I've done. All though, I know it has never been significant to anyone. I know my dad means well, and I know he'd done his best to find someone to keep me.

But in the end, I know its my fault. I can't help but falter.

And then came Coco.

She's a saint. She listens. She consoles. She makes me feel I can begin again, and maybe I can.

But in Seoul..of all places. I don't even know the language, but she says its OK. They speak English here.

She even helped me get a job at the language academy. Me of all people, teaching ENGLISH.

Oh, I almost lost it on the first day. Watching all these people, some quite young, some so old I doubt they can hear my voice, waiting for me to start class.

Of course, I barfed after class. I was so nervous, but I made it through the hour long just to get ready for another hour long class.

I'm so jittery. I definitely need a sedative of some kind to keep this up, but all I have is Coco cheering me on..telling will get better and somehow..I can make it on my own.

- Sasha

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