Monday, January 8, 2018

Sia & Sergio

Sia & Sergio

    It’s been a really long time, since I’ve been home..just to feel like a stranger now in a foreign country. Really, I am thankful to bring my home with me. Sergio has been an anchor in my life. I know many can’t see it. They look at boy who’s thin and would rather have butterscotch over fudge.

    It’s good to see that my cousin has found a family. I can’t imagine him being a dad. All this time I thought he was a confirmed bachelor. After all, he spent a good portion of his life in college play productions or community theater. If that wasn’t enough, his day job as a middle school teacher has kept him busy.

    I’m thankful to be with Gordy and his family this Christmas. We are the last of my grandmother’s family. Still, it's good to see a new generation on the horizon.

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