Saturday, February 24, 2018

Nico & Violet

nico & violet

Nico couldn't say he was prepared for his night with Violet, but if he could help out his old friend Manny, then he'd somehow do it.

There was a fear that Violet's brother Kenzo already knew what was up. His smart smile only gave Nico more butterflies in his stomach. How would he get through this? How could he keep from showing his true urges? That he didn't really want to have for Violet, but he did.

Naturally, she snuggled right up to him in bed.

"I like it here." Her voice was soft and her smile was sweet. She kissed him on the cheek as if she trusted him.

He sighed.

"You, shouldn't be so close." He wanted to push her away, but her hold on him was so tight, he knew he was going nowhere.

She kissed his chin. He winced hard. Why did she do this to him?

"You, make me feel safe." She smiled. "I don't care if your friend is here. I'm glad I can be next to you."

He nursed his bottom lip. Yes, he wanted to be the reluctant  l o v e r.  Maybe it was best to let her have her way. Somebody had to take the lead. He wanted to kiss her forehead, but she kissed him before he had a chance.

Like nourishment to a dead plant that lost it's season, she filled him up with desire, knowing there was no need to fight it. Perhaps, spring came early.

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