Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Phoenix Codex

Imagine you imagine me

He was sent to kill her... Now, he’s desperate to protect her. When Jonathan West, a battle-scarred warrior with supernatural gifts, is sent to Phoenix to execute a witch for practicing dark enchantments, it doesn’t take him long to discover his target is innocent— and the beauty of her soulscape and her untamed spirit make his blood sing. Cassie Rios, divorced and recently unemployed, has no idea why wild animals have started mauling and even killing anyone who sparks her fury. She realizes she’s a danger to everyone around her, and Jonathan and his shadow organization may be her only hope. As she learns to control the magic she never would have chosen, she and Jonathan surrender to the white-hot desire that flares between them. But the secret society of Manus Sancti has its own seductions, and she soon faces a choice that could lead to her destruction. Fall in love with the thrilling debut of a new paranormal romance series about the costs of heroism, the bonds of brotherhood, and the power of love.

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