Friday, February 9, 2018

Nico & Violet

Nico & Violet

Violet gritted a smile ever so slightly when she saw Manny's peculiar face. Where in the world did he come from, she thought. Actually, Violet never imagined Nico having any friends. and at her guess..she supposed Manny thought Nico would have a room for him.

There he was with a heavy backpack and nowhere to go.

"I could just sleep with you." She whispered to Nico while they were getting dinner ready and Manny was off in the dining area, checking messages on his phone.

Naturally, Nico's eyes looked like something from Anime cartoon. He gulped, while he was trying to prepare dinner for everyone, including Kenzo and Minho.

"They don't have to know." She smiled ever so innocently.

Nico was in a pout.

"All right." He finally whispered back. She felt a bubble of happiness fill her with excitement, as she bit her bottom lip, to keep from smiling too much. Just then the rice cooker light went off. A few minutes later the guests arrived.

Manny made himself right at home. Of course, he ate more than Minho and Kenzo who kept staring at each other, as if they might be enemies.

Violet sighed as she looked over at Nico.

"What's wrong?" Manny asked.

"It's nothing." Nico told him. "Just glad, you, decided to comeback."

"Me, too." He grinned. "You're old man would be proud."

Nico nodded as if he didn't need to explain.

"He got married, you know." Manny said while he was shoveling in some rice and then sipping some hot soup from his bowl of noodle and meat.

"What?" Nico looked as if he was ready to be hit by a Mac truck.

"You, wouldn't want him to be lonely." Violet spoke up as she tugged at the sleeve of his shirt.

Nico cleared his throat.

"Yeah, you wouldn't want that." mumbled a woeful Minho who hardly touched his meal.

Manny got out some pictures and showed Nico his father's new young family. His wife had a baby.

Nico remained even lipped.

Violet knew he was a little sad. She leaned against his shoulder, but he didn't push her away.

The snapshots were passed around.

"Looks like you're family is multiplying, Nico. You're dad could open up a food chain." Kenzo laughed, but no one seemed to think he was funny.

"He had a whole lot more luck with the ladies than I did." Manny shrugged.

Violet couldn't help but smile. It seemed all three of them were in the same boat. Except for her and Nico. She looped her arm around his and held on to him. She was sure he would need her more than he ever did.

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