Saturday, February 10, 2018



From 2015 (Korean movie), starring Byun Yo-Han  Lee Joo-Seung who both give powerful performances with an intriguing social media frenzy over the person who is making accusations over a dead solider.

The two main characters are close friends. Perhaps, not a budding bromance, but still close. Two students who are studying to be cops one day, who both follow the crowd to find this person, who so happens to be a girl they find has hanged herself in her apartment.

So, hoping they won't be stunned from getting a job with the police department..because they were there, they decide to put their detective skills to work.

This has a CHATROOM feel to it. This movies brings up a lot of questions about how social media is shifting our reality and how society feels about the individual from what they gather as information (which might not be completely true) and the cruelty that  follows.

This is where life on the street and cyber world collide.

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