Tuesday, May 18, 2021

In the pale days of May

What I've been reading... JUST LAST NIGHT. I can't say that I love it. It's been hard to get through. Perhaps is a modern love kind of tale. It's told in first person. A British tale of a girl past her goth days and now a 30 something-year-old still carrying the torch for her teenage flame who is now a teacher and engaged to be married. Of course, they have had a misunderstanding in the past. And it would be a slow burn of a grunge kind of story. I can't say it's bleak, and it might not have the grit of SKINS either. Just so-so. Naturally, after a sad incident, things come to terms between the two. Or does it? Honestly, it's a totally different book than what I was expecting. On one hand, it's inspiring to think..oh I should write my own version, but that's just a thought. Of course, I'm one to fall in love with my own characters that I am sure readers will never fully think the same way. And yet it's an endearing process. Yes, writing can be messy sometimes even on a keyboard. 



  1. Thanks for sharing, this does have a different twist.

  2. Muy cierto escribir es complejo. yo agradezco que en esta época hay computadora y que corregir es fácil.No se di a ti te pase pero a mi me dan jaquecas frecuentes cuando me quedo estancada. Te mando un beso

  3. Ooh, love this line: "And it would be a slow burn of a grunge kind of story." You may not have sold me on reading this book, but your idea about writing your own version sounds interesting, especially because the heroine reminds me a little of your Vicki.


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