Monday, May 17, 2021

LaLa & Roman


Do you like having a roommate?

LALA: I have had to endure a lot over the years. I've moved around a lot. Sometimes, I think this might make me numb to know what I really want anymore. I don't know when it happened. I just try to make the best of any situation. I am a good listener. I try to be helpful. I do my best to stay out of people's business. And of course, anything is possible. ROMAN: Oh, some roommates are better than others. Most are OK. I dunno. It's hard to say. It depends if they rub me the wrong way. (He smiles as if it's an inside joke) Sometimes, you can make friends. Sometimes, you can't. I had this one roommate when I was first moved out whose girlfriend always complained about my hair, even if I was living there with her best friend. Needless to say, me and her moved out, but then we needed more people to help with the rent because she couldn't keep a job and I wasn't much better.


  1. Adoro al personaje de Roman es uno de mis preferidos. Te mando un beso

  2. More insight into the mysterious Lala! And Roman's voice is so . . . him. I feel like he's someone I know or maybe have seen on TV. You do a terrific job with his character!

    1. So glad somebody likes Roman as much as I do. Oddly, as I was looking through Forever 21 there is was and instantly I knew he was Roman.


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