Friday, July 30, 2021

A Loki Summer

 I know Tom has played a lot of characters over time, but I vaguely remember him in anything. Loki has to be my favorite character of his and the writers must love Loki too. Because they add something to his character that excites you. You can't help but tune in. On the other hand, many fans feel the summer series on Disney was cut short. The episodes weren't long enough in spite of so much happening and well explained. But just remember..this is what makes us beg for more. And I'm sure Hiddleston is delighted too.


  1. A mi me encanta loki hasta inspiro uno de mis personajes favoritos de mi novela. Te mando un beso

  2. OMG I love anything Marvel. After watching the full serious of Loki, I gotta confess I have a crush on him! Which I never had before...I always and still do love Phil Coulson haha ;-)

  3. I haven't seen the Loki series, but the clips on talk shows look impressive. Owen Wilson said that Tom set up a Marvel class just for him, which I thought was funny.


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