Saturday, July 31, 2021



Do you get to see your friends much?

AMBER: Never. (She shakes her head) They seldom text anymore.

MAXIE: They are frienemies I might add. (He gives her a look as if she should admit it)

AMBER: I knew them from school. (she nods) I don't think they were real friends. You know, the kind to tell you how far they've come and what kind of home they have. (She tries to smile but it's not a real one.) I'd like to know how they are doing. Honestly, it would be nice to keep in touch. I don't think I'm all that good friendships, anymore. Damn, pandemic.

MAXIE: Right, so right, luv. (He lets a slight sigh) Early on, my Sammi was always in contact. He wanted me to hit it off with Amber, but now, I have no idea what the bloke is up to, you know. Still, it's a restless time for much of us. Time to sit back and find a good book.

AMBER: As if, (she cracks up) You so want to destroy the lawn, if I'd let you. (she smiles).

MAXI: Maybe we need animals to raise.

AMBER: Maybe you need to go fishing..or camping (she smirks).


  1. Another sweet glimpse into this couple's life! On a more general note, I'm sure that lots of people are losing their social skills in quarantine. Then there are those of us who feel lucky to be with the books, LOL. That blueberry ice cream and those colorful tomatoes look beautiful!


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