Saturday, July 10, 2021

Lockdown Diary


What are you looking forward to after the baby is born?

BAILY: OH MY GAWD..I'm looking forward to getting my body back. Granted, it might never be the same. Even having a lass has made me huge! I try to eat less, but mum makes me eat more. Doctor's orders she says. It's like nothing is my own, you know. (Baily rolls her eyes) And we're still at the parents'. I mean, it's like folks think I'm a baby having a baby. (Her voice is a bit loud as she presses a frown after the words slip and she's dead serious about how she doesn't like being looked at that way.) But all in all, I'm lucky, you know. Very lucky. Even the doc said so. And I get to have a chat or two with Amber about the situations and she's been a doll, you know. Giving me loads of advice on kiddies and stuff. Dunno how she knows so much. But yeah, let's get this done. (she sighs and rubs her pregnant tummy).

TOBEY: (Finally a smile emerges). I'm excited. (He nods as if he's doing his best to be a grownup) It's just I'm nervous. Nervous for Bai. (He winces as if maybe he's a little down and out). I just hate to see her go through so much, pain. If..if I'd only known what ..what I've put her through..these last few months. (He begins to weep and brushes a tear with the back of his hand.) 

BAILY: What do you mean? (She looks at him and almost laughs) Don't be a cad. (she snaps.)

TOBEY: I'd never (his brow furrows as if they might be in for a spat, but she takes his hand instead.)

BAILY: You haven't the cold heart for it, you fool! (she laughs although, it does sound a tad bitter.) Of course, we can't wait for her arrival. It's just we can't decide on Fiona or Ava. (she shrugs) 


  1. This is so awesome ♥

  2. Un fragmento muy divertido. Te mando un beso

  3. My favorite part of these interviews is when you show us how the speaker's really feeling in ( ). I love hearing characters' internal monologues. The part about Tobey weeping was really unexpected!

    1. Thanks so much. I enjoy the interviews..and well the script format. Trying to get the gestures and the feels..perhaps.. =)


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