Friday, July 9, 2021

Deano & Roman


What do you remember the most about the 4th growing up?

ROMAN: Some of the best food I have ever ate in my life! (He laughs) That's where I learned from my uncle about ribs. Yes sir, he was the man when it came to smoking meat. (He nods with a smile then clears his throat) We really were not folks who had any money spend on fireworks. Or so I was told. (He shrugs) There was lots of lemonade which may or may not have been spiked with a little rum, maybe vodka. (He grins) You know, we played lots of outside games. Sometimes, granny Cleo made us go to church. Wasn't until I was in high school that I'd meet up with Deano here at Smoker's hill on the night of the 4th. Man, what war zone, but it was cool. Nothing too dangerous. Just hanging out with the Deano. DEANO: (He laughs and looks at Roman) You haven't changed one bit, dude. (he bites a grin) I think going to the schoolyard on the 4th all started out in base housing, cause I dunno. An MP told us to go to the playground and not be on the streets one night. And for a while there, my dad would come along and you know, make sure nothing awful was going on. Then, just me and my brother and kids in the neighborhood. We were always careful. You know, old enough to know better. And seriously, nothing bad ever happened. I made a lot of friends that way (he smiles but then winces) I dunno how Caitlin really feels about fireworks, but I know her roommate used to go out to the park and shoot fireworks, cause...I remember that. (He laughs) I mean it was like...I dunno, a few years back. Way before Cori. She was like this little fairy with her punk, like a wand setting off this firework and that one in her skimpy shorts. I know, this girl likes her fireworks. (He chuckles) Shh..don't tell Megan about that..but ..well..she's pretty adorable and I think the guy she was with thought so too. (He grins)


  1. Me encanta el personaje de Roman te mando un beso

  2. Very interesting! It's so creative that you went even deeper into Roman and Deano's teen tradition of meeting to set off fireworks on the Fourth. It makes sense that Fourth of July was when Roman learned to make ribs. Finally, the detail about Deano scoping out Megan pre-Caitlin is a great detail. So human, even though Caitlin would probably kill him, LOL.

    1. are probably right about Caitlin. I am not sure what those things are actually called that sets off fireworks, but here in the mid-west they are punks although..I kept writing pump for the longest time.


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