Friday, June 24, 2022

Dr. Qin Medical Examiner


OK..he is my favorite Chinese actor - Zhang Yu Jian ❤️ You don't even have to know Chinese to enjoy his work. He certainly makes the most, of whatever they give him in a role. 

Apparently, Dr. Qin Medical Examiner has been around for a while. A favorite Chinese Manga is written by Qin Ming. Although, several different actors have played the role of Ming. I found SILENT EVIDENCE from 2021 on YouTube. Have Zhang Yu Jian take a spin as the doctor and you've got a whole new ballgame. I have my doubts any of the other dramas are quite this quirky. Jian is like the Mr. Bean of quirkiness. In the usual drama you have a slight bromance going with "Lin Tao" who is a police officer, but not in this. No, our Qin is far from home to work on a case from his usual place. Here he meets female police officer "Lin Dang" played by fiesty Zho Yu Tong. He has to live at her house. Naturally, they get off to a rough start. Oh, and there are those trances he falls into of the backstory of something that happened to his father when he was a boy at a Chinese Opera theater.

Another noteworthy actor to mention is sidekick Xiao Ran as Da Bao. This is the closest drama he's had as the main lead. So I hope he gets more chances as the main lead.

Her character is quite the 'male' in so many ways. Yet, she's a fun character. Especially the places she takes him in this drama. There is definitely chemistry between these two!

Truly, it is a fun drama. Especially watching Qin, a tad oblivious, but somehow always knows the correct answer as a forensic expert. And of course, always telling anyone what their problem is. He's a totally different Dr. Qin than the other Dr. Qin I've been watching. And well, he's the best Dr. Qin.


  1. La tendré en cuenta adoro a ese actor. Te mando un beso.

  2. "Jian is like the Mr. Bean of quirkiness." Oh, I'm so here for that! Also, is Dr. Quin a pun on Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman? Or is that just me being nostalgic for a show I used to watch as a kid?


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