Friday, August 26, 2022

Cade & Brick


 What is it about Harley?

CADE: Oh, I kind of remember her from middle school. I thought she was kind of silly, but then I kind of felt sad for her too. I mean, she looks like she has all the confidence in the world. Sometimes, but she's kind of timid. I noticed she didn't exactly put herself out there. You know, when we had group activities. (Cade is still thinking) I just really don't know her, OK.

BRICK: You went out with her? (Brick gives him the eye.)

CADE: It wasn't really a date. I mean..I went for the food (he winces with a smile) I ate her lasagna and mine too. And I even asked for more rolls. (He shrugs) And we went to that dance, but we didn't dance like you know a close dance or anything. I just hopped around. It was dark. I don't even remember what she wore.

BRICK: You don't even know if she had a good time or not. (He looks away)

CADE: Well, I didn't ask. Was I supposed to?

BRICK: (Sighs and festers a frown at Cade) I hope you learned something from this. You shouldn't have hurt her like this. Her thinking, she's going out with your twin brother and..and..

CADE: You think she'd have any fun with Rafe? (He cracks up) I don't think so. I mean, I was being Rafe. (He shrugs) He has no personality, you know.

BRICK: (Looks at him and shakes his head) Harley is..well, one of a kind, kind of like a fairy at times. A different kind of beautiful than most are used to. She has her moments where she's really really endearing. And then there are times, she just ..well, she's feisty. (He nods) I like that about her. (He nods again) She makes me think of my mom, but not in a weird way (He winces) What I mean is..if she has something to say, she's gonna tell you about it. It might be more than you want to know, but she'll let you know. Most times. She really likes to talk. But she's sweet. She really is. And well. Her hair. (he sighs)  And her outfits...(he smiles) and..and.. I like her. I like her a lot.


  1. I liked it, very tender! :) Hug

  2. Cade should have told her. Kind of rude to let her think he was someone else (even if his brother). I had to laugh though when he said he even asked for more rolls. Cade is a trip.

    Brick seems to reallyyyy like Harley :)

  3. Genial fragmento me hciste reir. Te mando un beso.

  4. Oh, a window into that long-ago date between Harley and Cade! Very interesting! But the most interesting thing is how it reveals Brick's growing feelings for Harley. He seems to get her, which is everything.

  5. Oh, and thank you for using my polka dots! I also like how you included both blonde Harley and orange-haired Harley. 💛🧡


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