Sunday, August 28, 2022

Sunday Tidbits


Caitlin & Megan

Do you still know each other?

LIV: Oh, he's always full of surprises. I still want to be there for Alex. No matter what. I want Alex to have a safe life. I don't want Alex to get hurt. I just want Alex to be Alex. ALEX: I know she tries her best to understand me. Sometimes, I don't even understand myself. I'm just trying new things. Sometimes, I know I must be selfish. I don't mean to be. But it happens. I want to feel bad afterward, but then other things come along. Yeah, there is so much I want. I just don't know if it'll have all the time to get it.

Sometimes, you just need chocolate. It doesn't matter what time of the year. Thank goodness for Emma❤️❤️❤️

Oh, a cold brew! I do love a pour-over coffee. This is how I always make my coffee. Except with trusty Folger's Columbian ground coffee. I might try this.

Something I have never been good at making. Maybe this time..hahahahaha..better watch this tutorial again.


  1. There's such tenderness between Liv and Alex. Alex is out there living life, taking chances. And Liv just wants them to be okay. That's beautiful. As are those sparkling ruby red platforms in the collage! 💖👠

  2. Me gusta Alex y gracias por las recetas. Te mando un beso.


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