Saturday, September 3, 2022

A Face in the Crowd


Jess was impressed when Jake asked her to go on the cruise with him.

"But what will I wear?" She was just a first-grade teacher. They were still wearing masks at school. She wasn't even sure they should be doing this.

"It's not like we're going on a huge vacation," He said he didn't much care what she wore. "You just need to be comfortable."

Jess gave him a nod. "Well, you know how you are about camping. I mean you live at Cabela's just finding more stuff you need for the great outdoors."

"This is where less is more," Jake assured her. He had talked to his grandmother about it. She was a great traveler. "There will be a lot of meals. So wear comfortable clothes. There are a lot of activities. So I say pack a tracksuit along with a bikini and you'll be fine."

"Are you kidding me?" She looked at him as if he knew nothing. She wanted to know every activity they'd be doing. 

"How should I know," He shrugged. "I didn't buy the tickets. Granny did." He looked at her blankly.

Jess cracked up. She should have known. Her luck, Granny planned a wedding on the cruise too. But until then she would watch him fold laundry. After all, the cruise wasn't until next summer. Plenty of time to find those steals on Amazon. She was definitely going to read THE FOLDING LADY. Maybe they'd learn to pack a suitcase properly yet.


  1. Cool. I have never been on a cruise. Had one booked but then Covid hit :-|

  2. Other nice chapter, i love read you
    Have an amazing weekend!
    A big hug ♥

  3. Muy chulo el nuevo capitulo!

  4. This is going to be a fun cruise :)

  5. Parece un crucero divertido. Citu

  6. Ha! Most men have no idea what goes into outfit planning, especially for a cruise. This was cute and funny, a joy to read. And the polka dot romper is adorable!


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