Friday, September 2, 2022

The Gilded Age


Honestly, this show might not be the Julian Fellowess that you crave. Of course, it takes place in America and not England during the 1880's. Old Money meets New Money isn't really anything unique. Although, there have been countless classes English majors have gone through because of it. There might be such awareness for some that it just can't be taken in the right stride. But it doesn't matter. There is a second season on the way. Of course, there is always fashion to saver while watching the show.


  1. I would probably like this if it's Julian Fellowes. Loved Downton Abbey but Gosford PArk is one of my favorite movies.

  2. I love The Gilded Age! I didn't think I would, because it seems kind of stuffy. But Agnes and Ada are just so funny, and the friendship between Marian and Peggy is a delight -- minus, of course, that incredibly cringeworthy incident with the boots! Anyway, you're absolutely right when you say that the fashion is a big draw in this series. I love how ornate everything was. 🎀

  3. Parece un genial programa, te mando un beso.


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