Saturday, November 12, 2022



Somebody is trusting me to make cake. Yeah, it's just a chocolate cake. And not cemetery cake but homemade. And yes, Soda is still doing it's trick to make the cake rise. Now this was something my mom made so of course, somebody wanted me to make it for them.

Last year on her birthday HE made her a cake and they got sick on it. I am not sure what went wrong. So I made this sheet cake in a cookie sheet..a very bad idea. Sure, it only had to bake for 20 minutes. BUT my oven is not level or something and some fell over the edge and then before you knew it..the fire alarm was on.

So anyway, another birthday today. And someone called in I don't have the funds for anything. Anyway, it's just a family thing. And the Chocolate sheet cake makes up fast.

I do like to add a teaspoon of cinnamon to the cake. I have another to make at Thanksgiving. I might add a teaspoon of instant coffee to that one because she is a coffee lover!

Of course, after seeing the price of staples that seem to be triple in price, we still aren't sure if we will have Thanksgiving at home. Maybe we'll find out what everyone else is up to. We have gone to the base for Thanksgiving. But that was way before Covid. Really, it is a nice afternoon of visiting with older veterans as well as young airmen.

Sorry, this might be a Saturday edition of Tidbits...but onward to that other obsession of mine..WIGS. Yes, I got one from Brighlele (off Amazon) that I absolutely love. They are based in Japan but their factories are of course, in China. It has to be about the best inexpensive wig I have found. They are a little over 30 bucks, but very soft and easy to use. I guess my major problem is finding wigs too heavy. this is very lightweight and I really like the hairstyles. And they are more appropriate for work, too. Although, I dunno how comfortable I am yet at wearing one to work, but these are really nice wigs. Heat resistance too.


  1. Happy November birthday to your family member!

  2. Feliz cumpleaños a tu familiar. Y animo con el dia d e gracias.

  3. You're like a one-woman bakery! Which I very much respect, as a few Thanksgivings ago I made a cake that came out as mush. This year I'm going with my old standby, brownies from a mix. The sheetcake recipe looks delicious, though. And I do love the Pioneer Woman!

    These wigs are so cute! And they do look lightweight. I hope you find one you'll want to wear to work. 😁


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