Monday, September 16, 2013

The Spectacular Now

FINALLY! I got to see this film. I've been waiting since August to see it. And it did not disappoint.
Granted it might not have been a stretch for Miles Teller to play Sutter with a roughed up face like his. Still he played the main character so extraordinary.

Add Brie Larson as his ex who has woke up to the fact that she needs to figure out her future and Shailene Woodley as fresh faced Amy who finds Sutter after a big party night on someone's yard ..well, you've got a movie that isn't another teen movie. Its no Nicholas Sparks kind of sad, either.

Its just an honest story showing how complicated life really is.

The movie gradually exposes Sutter's real problem. There are so many good things about Sutter who's an outgoing teen who never met a stranger he didn't like. But actually, his best friend is alcohol, and he might just be his own worst enemy.

I really loved Shaliene's character Amy. She is so true and genuine who doesn't think she's special at all. Although, she is just as much a survivor as Sutter. Perhaps, even more so from her family life. She has dreams too. And then there is their romance. There are many mixed views she should have reacted after an accident she was in. A part of me felt, she wanted to play the part of what he expected of her.

Its a journey for her. Soon enough, we know she deserves better than Sutter, especially when he gives her a whiskey flask with her initials on it for Prom. Then as the movie progresse, I wondered if she was an enbabler for Sutter.

This, right here, this is beautiful.
— Sutter, The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now

The movie is definitely moving, and goes places that I did actually expect. But the movie definitely gives hope and I liked that about this film.

Such amazing performances from the supporting cast too. Kyle Chandler plays Sutter's dad while Jennifer Jason Leigh plays his mother and Mary Elisabeth Winstead plays his sister.

Andre Royo plays Mr. Auster a wonderful teacher trying to keep Sutter on track. Also Dayo Okeniyi plays Marcus who is Sutter's ex's new boyfriend. I really liked the scenes between Sutter and Marcus over Cassady (Brie Larson).

The movie is based on Tim Tharp's novel. Some who have read the novel aren't as thrilled with the movie.

Still, I did like this movie. Yet, it won't be a classic like SAY ANYTHING. I'd like to see Miles Teller in more "teen" John Cusack type roles.



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