Sunday, September 15, 2013

Wynter Gordon

 She began as a writer for other artists, later signing with Atlantic Records where she began working on an album while continuing to write songs for other acts and providing vocals on songs.-Wiki

 “I still remember the first time Wynter sang for me,” recalls James Wiltshire of UK production duo Freemasons (Shakira, Beyonce), who crafted “Believer” with Wynter. “I was still setting levels, but I had to really rush as everything she sang was just incredible. Goosebumps everywhere! Half the lead vocal on ‘Believer’ is the very first take. She is an amazing singer.”

“Believer” has a deep message at its heart, explains Wynter, “but it’s still dance music. I think that’s what was missing in dance. There was no real emotion or personality to it, and that’s what I bring.” It’s a natural fit for a singer who grew up listening to the big voices of Whitney, Celine, and Mariah (and penned hits for Mary J. Blige, Danity Kane & Jennifer Lopez). Even her single “Dirty Talk” has a sincere sense of fantasy, revealing a young woman experimenting with different sides of herself.


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