Friday, October 11, 2013


STORYLINE: Greta's dad Tom is moving the family cross-country in a dented station wagon, promising a California paradise to his kids. All that's missing is Mom.

Its a slow moving indie film, and yet it is so real to life. You'll either love it because it'll remind you of your own cross country trips as a kid, or you'll hate it.

Ryan Simpkins plays Greta and her real life brother Ty Simpkins plays her little brother. You might remember him best at the kid from Insidious.

I really hope to see Ryan in more films. She was rather genuine as Greta. Of course, there is something a little off about the trip. And there father is played by award winning actor John Hawkes. He tends to have a violent streak that comes and goes on the trip. Raging phone calls the kids can't figure out. And when they call home, they always get the answering machine. Their dad needs to get to Arcadia as if all will be normal, once he starts his new job.


There is just a certain sort of horror about it that is quaint and possibly more serious than one would first think.



  1. Hmmm. sounds like an interesting movie. I'll give every movie a try.
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