Thursday, October 10, 2013


Really? That's the best Miley could come up with? I know she's had a hard year with a break up and her parents divorcing (Still, she's a little girl who needs a lot of attention) and she's really out there selling her stuff these days. Showing she's real and what not, from SNL to the TODAY show and private parties.

But she ain't no Madonna. When Madonna first arrived in NYC to try to get into the music industry, she was raped. Somehow, it only made her stronger and she is still the sex symbol that others have tried hard to follow, and she paved the road for them. Still not sure Miley will ever really have to pay her dues. Hopefully, she'll have some of her very own creativity one day.

And yes, it must be hard to get away from the tween crowd. And I see she must keep it up if she's gonna make it in this busy business of music.

I guess its true, you really don't have to have that strong of a voice to sell music. Still..personally, I feel she is trying way too hard. Although, on this new album she's got a lot of help from Britney and Nelly and even big Sean. Sure there are some catchy tracks on this one. Even explicit ones.

I guess she's just trying to say she won't be going country anytime soon. What are your thoughts on album of the week at Amazon?



  1. I still think she's beautiful and talented. I think she's going through a tough time with the breakup. :/

  2. I honestly think that there is controversy every year over a different girl.

  3. Miley can sing, she is expressing herself But, she's doing her thing fearfully and who can hate on that? She making money, who are we to judge?


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