Monday, October 7, 2013

Don Jon

Joseph Gordon-Levitts and Scarlet Johansen certainly take the Jersey Shore to new heights in Joseph's debut movie as writer and director.

Of course, there are a few subjects that might turn you off..or maybe on..for that matter. Still, Joe's great at creating characters and is honest about the subject matter of this movie.

Don John

I enjoyed how the story unfolded. Its a movie about relationships, love, our family and even our religion.

Joseph's character is Johnny from a very Italian family. His sister if Brie Larson who says basically nothing through most of the movie. She's always texting on her phone. But when she does speak, its true honesty. Tony Danza was so perfect for his part. His mother was played by Glenne Headly who you know must have been just as much a looker in her day as Johansen and is definitely one hot Italian Mama.

We never see John on the job, but we do know he works in the service industry which his girlfriend Barbara frowns upon. She gets John into night classes to better himself. Its there he meets the older and much wiser Julieanne Moore who is going through a certain sadness that I don't want to spoil. John is definitely devoted to his trophy girlfriend. Although, she doesn't like housework and she won't hear of it. That's for the maid. Each have different priorities in life and there expectations.

Of course, sex and porn is one of those reality checks. Seriously, I've never seen the subject matter quite tackled as in this film. There it the emotion of what porn does not just for the significant other feeling cheated, but the matter of why does he watch it.

Don Jon

The movie truly did give you a lot to think about by the end. It exposes our selfishness of being who we are as well as finding truly what we are looking for in another person. Definitely, I'm glad I saw the movie. Some wonderful and fun performances by everyone in this film.



  1. I LOVED this movie! Good focus on our obsessions!

  2. aw its good to see tony danzas in this!


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