Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fiction Tuesday-Fangirl

Rainbow Rowell has another hit with the critics with her YA novel Fangirl. It might be on your MUST READ LIST and top of your Favorite Book List this year.

This time around its a story about Cath who is a Twin going off to college. Her sister wants to be on her own so Cath has to go it on her own. She has one thing to fall back on. Her passion to write Simon Snow fan fiction.

Fangirl-zoella by elliewriter . You tuber Zoella would make the perfect Cath in Rainbow Rowell's FANGIRL. Harry Styles would make the perfect Simon Snow!

Its relate-able fiction for a lot of us, even if we might not admit it. Truly what a new adult novel should be about. A Young Adult in new situations with college and yet hanging on to the life we used to know. You just might fall in love with Cath and all her troubles and why she has to write her Simon Snow Fan Fic.

 At first glance Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl has a lot in common with Eleanor & Park: idiosyncratic girl with troubled family meets good, normal boy and falls in love for the first time. But this is why Rowell is so talented--from the same basic ingredients she can create something new and special. In Fangirl, quirky introvert, Cath, is safe within the immensely popular Simon Snow (think Harry Potter) fan-fiction blog she writes with her twin sister, but college turns her life upside down, leaving her feeling like an awkward outsider. When she writes, Cath knows exactly what her characters should say to each other, but when it comes to forging real-life friendships, much less a romance, she hasn’t a clue. An immensely satisfying coming-of-age novel, Fangirl deftly captures the experience of discovering your true voice and clumsy, vulnerable, remarkable, first love. --Seira Wilson
oh zoella!

It was one of those books I didn’t want to put down. She captured the world of obsessive fandoms really, really well. She also captured the voice of an 18-year-old incredibly well. I loved the way she wrote Cath and Levi’s relationship, the artistic collaboration subplot with Cath and Nick, the coming of age aspect of the story. Reading this book felt like the first time I read The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which is still my favorite book of all time.-raincoatedlover


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