Saturday, December 7, 2013

I'm fangirling...

One direction

Midnight Memories of course! Yes, I had to have 1D's new CD. I'm after all one of the oldest teenagers you'd ever want to meet. Granted, you get 14 songs on the CD. Unfortunately, they are rather short. And a couple of the songs really do feel like old songs from THE POLICE  mixed with Tears for Fears. They are slightly trying to move away from their sweet pop sound into something more or lest Ed Sheran (who seems to be the new IT guy in music, lately) I suppose they are showing the critics they can old on to this spot a while longer at the top of the heap of boy bands. Although, Simon keeps churning them. Obviously, nothing quite like the fangirls' choice ..ONE DIRECTION.


  1. its always good to be a fangirl for life! keeps you young :)


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