Saturday, January 18, 2014

I'm Fan girling...

Please let Wyatt get what he wants...

The Fosters are back! And its leaving me in limbo!
Nobody, loves Callie like Wyatt does..if only she could accept it. 

I'm hoping its not the last episode for Alex Saxon. Hair was full blown and all, on Monday night's episode. The lion was ready to roar. But they aren't letting Wyatt be a bad boy yet. No..we have to watch Callie do all the bad things. 

My mind was racing of all the things they could have done in that motel room. I really wished Wyatt would have at least taken a shower, but hey..we have that beautiful hair to watch.

Genuine cuddling. Yeap, that's what it was. Wyatt did the right thing. I wonder if he regrets it?


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