Friday, January 17, 2014

Ravenswoods' Miranda Collins

Ravenswood's Miranda Collins

Unlike most ghost stuck in the same outfit, Miranda gets to change it up. I so loved this sweater. It really gives me ideas to redo a sweater with a lace top I'm not that crazy about. The winter and spring mix is so charming, feminine and cozy.

Caleb & Miranda

Oh..its really taken me forever to get into Ravenswood. But Caleb and Miranda are getting to me. Granted..its a lot to swallow..Caleb in love with a ghost, but Miranda is like a little lost puppy and Caleb just has to help her. And after his near death experience..he feels even closer to her now. He even broke up with Hannah. That either means the rating are good with Ravenswood or it was time for both characters to move on. And I think Miranda just might be Caleb's soul mate. 

Honestly, I hope they figure this whole curse thing better than PLL. I mean, these guys just go around and around in circles.

Yeah, I'd like the horror upped a notch. Maybe Ravenswood needs to be over at the SyFy channel. At least Being Human does know how to do ghost stories.


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