Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Nonfiction Tuesday- A Fine Romance

Nobody does it better with quaint graphic art for keepsake moments than Susan Branch. Now she has opened up page by beautiful page about her love with the English country side.

Description: A Fine Romance, Falling in Love with the English Countryside, part love story, part travel guide, is a hand-written and watercolored personal travel journal of Susan's six-day transatlantic crossing on board the Queen Mary 2 and two-month ramble through the backroads of rural England.
There are over three hundred photos, countless illustrations, wonderful quotes, recipes, a book list, a movie list, watercolored maps and so much more.  Travel with Susan as she makes her way through wildflower hedgerows to visit the homes and gardens of her literary and artistic heroes including Beatrix Potter and Jane Austen. It's a travel guide that will help you with your own trip, lovely for the armchair traveler because Susan really does take you there, and it's perfect for all Downton Abbey anglophiles.  When you are finished, go to Susan's website where there is an interactive Appendix to the book .... you can experience driving across the Dales with Susan's own videos and find links to everything she writes about, the cottages and gardens you want to see yourself.
Its a great way to get you in the mood for a very romantic February and it has nothing to do with candy nor hearts.

I’m just full of preorders lately but Susan Branch’s book about her and her husband’s 25th anniversary trip to England (it’s part diary, part cookbook, part photo journal and part watercolor!) just went on presale and it’s less than $30 and it’s 250 pages and apparently the books will either be signed or come with a signed thing, and I just cannot get over how excited I am even though it doesn’t come out until September or October. I just love and admire her so much, and her blog posts about England were so fun to read last Spring! Such an awesome lady.-HobbitPrincess

"I think my life was decided ahead of time, and my job was to put one foot in front of the other and go where I was supposed to go." - Susan Branch



  1. I need this in my life - the illustrations are stunning!!


  2. Cute illustrations! I am not one for romance novels, but this looks cuuuuute!


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