Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Essentially, The Underdogs is a football film. Even so, it has an anti-bullying theme going for it too. Its hard to say if Logan Huffman's Bobby and Charlie Carver's John were ever friends. But Bobby is certainly John's foe. They aren't even on the same football team.

Bobby goes to a Catholic school and their team hasn't won a game in over a decade. His Dad played by the stuttering William Mapother works for John's Dad who seems to own the rural Ohio town. But Bobby's dad just might be a genius with a heater who he hopes John's Dad will produce. Well..of course not.

And as bullies go..well..they are just control freaks aren't they?

D.B. Sweeney plays the new coach who is looking for a few good players. Of course, he's hard on the boys, but slowly they become a team. Oh..and there is a girl who comes between Bobby and John. Twisted's Maddie Hasson. Which one will she choose.

Well..I know which one I'd choose.

Yes, Logan Huffman is down right adorable in this. A guy who likes ice cream with sprinkles, and feels bad for his family when its John's Dad who is holding all the cards..or so it seems.
Big Mack and Jamal

If you like the feel if Friday Night football, you just might have to watch this one on DVD. Its PG and has plenty of character development and also an outlook at what is happening to our small towns, everywhere.

Storyline: Set in rural Ohio, the birthplace of football, UNDERDOGS is the story of a small-town high school football team destined to play their cross-town rival, a perennial powerhouse, while standing up for an entire community. Bobby Burkett is the promising quarterback for the Knights, but his Division Four school has never made a playoff appearance until Coach Vince DeAntonio's arrival. Their gruff new coach recruits a talented but insecure receiver and gives a juvenile delinquent offensive lineman a second chance. When Bobby falls for rival cheerleader Renee Donohue, a battle for more than a championship begins with the Viking's "golden boy" quarterback John Hanford III. Meanwhile, Bobby's father is being sued by his former employer and town patriarch John Hanford II over the intellectual rights to a revolutionary new energy saving product. With their home at stake, things look grim for the Burketts... until rumors of Hanford Corp's move to Mexico surface. Now with hundreds of ...


The Underdogs


  1. I'm not usually a fan of sports movies, but I want to see this!


  2. This looks cute enough, I think I might be able to con Kyle into watching it.

  3. I'm glad Logan is getting to do films like this..and Charlie too.


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