Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Fiction Tuesday- A Spool of Blue Thread

A Spool of Blue Thread

I've always been inspired by Anne Tyler's writing. However, I've liked some of her novels better than others. Her latest is one of them.

It involves a family mystery. The opening is quite quirky and keeps you turning the page. Of course, don't go looking for a murder to solve. This is a novel of reflection on family. The heart of the matter.

Its several stories weaved together about one family and the house they live in. Oh, you learn the family secrets that perhaps not many of the actual family members know. You get a chance to see how far they have come over the generations, too.

Of course, Denny, the son is one of those characters you would love to figure out. Basically, the family would like to figure him out too. Along the way, you find out the lengths the family goes too to keep a family together.

There is joy and sadness along the way. And like life, you might not get the movie ending you were wanting. Still, its a novel of nostalgia and what we love about the human heart that Tyler certainly knows.


  1. I've never heard of this author before.


  2. I've actually never heard of this before! Thanks for the reccomendation. xx



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