Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Love after Love

This might be the best book you read all year. Persaud has such a heartfelt story!

 An electrifying novel of an unconventional family in Trinidad mended by their individual, and collective, quests for love--"a wonder [that] teems with real, Trinidadian life" (Claire Adam, award-winning author of Golden Child)

"Love After Love is gift after gift. . . . Dazzlingly told in the most electrifying prose you will read all year."--Marlon James, Booker Prize-winning author of Black Leopard, Red Wolf

After Betty Ramdin's husband dies, she invites a colleague, Mr. Chetan, to move in with her and her son, Solo. Over time, the three become a family, loving each other deeply and depending upon one another. Then, one fateful night, Solo overhears Betty confiding in Mr. Chetan and learns a secret that plunges him into torment.

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